Recertification Requirements for the Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator Exam (312-49)

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YoCHFI requires a $80/year maintenance fee
120 CPE required over 3 years.

  • ECE Qualifying Activities

Only IT security related events are qualified for ECE scheme such as IT seminars, reading IT security books, publishing a paper on IT Security related topics and anything that updates your knowledge on IT Security not only from EC-Council.

  • ECE Qualifying Events

Association/Organization Chapter Meeting (per Meeting) 1 credit per hour
Volunteering in public sector 1 credit per hour
Teach Upgrade 11 credits per day
Review Board 80 credits
Teach New 21 credits per day
Reading an Information Security Book/Article Review/Book Review/Case Study 5 credits
Presentation 3 credits per hour
Identify New Vulnerability 10 credits
Higher Education 15 credits per semester hour
Education Seminar/Conference/Event 1 credit per hour
Education Course 1 credit per hour
EC-Council Survey 20 credits
EC-Council Examination (ECE) 120 credits
Certification/ Examination 40 credits
Contribution to the exam development 40-100 credits
Authoring Book 100 credits
Author Tool 40 credits
Author Article/Book Chapter/White Paper 20 credits

Certification Suspension

If you fail to meet the certification maintenance requirements within the 3-year time frame EC-Council will suspend your certification. Your certification will be suspended for a period of 1 year unless you earn the required 120 ECE credits to maintain/renew your certification. If you fail to meet certification maintenance requirements during the suspension period your certification will be revoked.

When to Earn ECE credits

ECE credits are earned on a per annul basis, between January 1 – December 31 of each calendar year. Certified members must register their ECE credits earned by 1 February of the following year to maintain their certification status.


For certified members who hold certifications that require continuing education, the annual membership fee is USD $80 for all certifications with prefix 212 ,312,412, 512 and all CAST certifications (with the exceptions of the C|CISO and LPT credentials).

Annual membership fees are payable in the member’s Aspen account, certificate area. You will see instructions on how you can pay here if your membership fee is due.

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