Coaching for Success

Test Taking Tips to help you prepare for your Certification Exam

  • Be Prepared

    Before taking your certification exam, you will have EACH practice exam quiz and comprehensive exam completed at a score level of 85%. This validates that you are prepared. Continue to take the comprehensive exams up until exam day.

  • Arrive early

    Arrive at your exam center 15 minutes prior to the exam time. You will be required to show a valid Driver’s license and second id that does not require a photo, however, must match the name on your driver’s license.

  • no food or books

    You will be escorted into the testing room.  Keep in mind, you are not allowed to bring any papers, notebooks, book bags, jackets, drinks, snacks  or smart devices into the testing room.

  • write down concepts

    You will be given a dry erase board and marker when you enter the testing room.  Jot down memorized concepts.

  • information and rules

    On most certification exams, 15 minutes are allocated for exam information and rules before beginning the exam.

  • trick questions

    Read the question before you look at the answer.  Come up with the proper answer in your mind before looking at the answers provided.  This will better equip you for trick questions and answers.

  • Pay close attention

    Pay close attention to words such as except, only, first, last and not.

  • Look for extreme words

    Look for extreme words in answers like “never” or “always”. Words like that will often disqualify an answer choice because they eliminate so many correct statements.

  • Read thoroughly

    Read all choices before choosing your answer.

  • Eliminate answers

    Eliminate answers you know are not correct.

  • no guessing penalty

    There is no guessing penalty, so always take an educated guess and select an answer.

  • Trust your answers

    Don’t keep changing your answer, usually your first choice is the right choice, unless you misread the question.

  • all or none Choices

    In “All of the Above” and “None of the Above” choices, if you are certain one of the answers is TRUE, DO NOT CHOOSE “None of the Above.  If you are certain one of the answers is False, do not choose “All of the Above”.

  • all of the above choice

    In a question with an “all of the above choice”, if you see there are at least two correct answers, then “all of the above” is probably the answer.

  • common correct answer

    Usually the correct answer is the choice with the most information.

  • Mark and return later

    Mark questions you would like to return to later.

  • review page

    The end of the exam has a review page with the list of question numbers displaying incomplete (unanswered) questions and marked questions.

  • review questions

    Review the marked questions, but remember; don’t second guess yourself.