Helpful Videos for Linux+ (XK0-004)

Below you will find video resources broken down by each Linux+ Domain. The videos are created by Professor Messer, who is the web’s foremost  CompTIA guru.

During your review of the Exam Objectives, if you do not feel complete confidence in your knowledge of a domain subject area, the Professor Messer can be an ideal tool to gain quick, concise knowledge. Take advantage of this resource. Many individuals have found the Professor Messer video resources to be an exceptional augmentation tool during the exam study process.

  • DOMAIN 1.0

    System Management

Comptia Linux+ Exam Prep 1
Why Linux Puts Files ALL OVER ?!? 1
The Linux Boot Process 1
Linux Devices and Hardware 1
Storage and Compilation 1
Files, Links, and Stats 1
AWK, SED, and PRINTF?!? 1
Nano or Vim? 1
Archiving and Compressing 1
Copy a File Over the Network 1
Partition Party 1
LVM Love! 1
Mounting Filesystems in Linux 1
Filesystem Tools 1
NFS,SMB, and Multipath 1
Using systemctl with System D 1
Cron,l Crontab, and At 1
Kill Signals 1
Finding Process IDs 1
Why [Linux] Zombies CAN 'T be Killed! 1
Manage Linux Networks! 1
Figuring Out Name Resolution? 1
Network Monitoring Tools 1
Remote Networking 1
Linux Package Managers 1
Sandboxed Apps 1
Linux Services Reloaded 1
Fiddle with a Kernel 1

  • DOMAIN 3.0

    Scripting, Containers, and Automation

  • DOMAIN 4.0

    Linux Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

du Command/Disk Utlization Analyze 4
df Command/ Disk File System Usage Report 4
free Command/Check System Memory Usage to Identify 4
top Command Analyzing System Performance 4
sed, awk, vmstat, netstat and mail 4
ps-Listing and Managing Linux Process 4
dig Command/Troubleshoot DNS record Issues 4
ifconfig Command/To See Interface Details 4
arp Command 4
New Network Concept Network Profiles 4
nmcli Command-Line Tool for Controlling Network Manager 4

  • DOMAIN 5.0

    Automation and Scripting

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