“Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination,
allows vision, and gives us the ‘right stuff’ to turn our Dreams into reality.”

– James Womack

ECPI University offers this  benefit to our students, alumni and faculty. We recognize the importance of certification and we are committed to  provide you with the tools to assist you in  your certification goal.  It is important that YOU not only recognize the level of dedication required  to accomplish this achievement, but you also provide your commitment to be successful.  Remember, it is not about an interest in becoming certified, but a commitment to become certified. To get to that end destination, you need dedication, patience, discipline, and determination despite difficulties, discomfort and time challenges  you will experience along your journey.

ECPI University is  committed to give you the tools . . .

Are you committed to give your all to make it happen?

To have access to the text prep tools and resources, it is required that you provide your acknowledgement and commitment to the certification journey.